Machinists Union ratifies new agreement with Medivan

Medivan Transportation provides 24/7 non-emergency transportation for health care system clients. The stretcher service ratified a new agreement on November 23, 2016, collectively bargained by Local 2247.

The District Executive Board and the Negotiating Committee would like to thank all members who took the time to participate in this important process.

LL 1953 MCI Negotiations Progressing

LL 1953 has met with MCI seven times over the last few months and has scheduled seven more until the end of May. The committee has hopes that they will be able to have a contract to bring back for ratification by that time.

We ask that you continue the support you have show your committee in the last few contract votes.

LL 2247 Keewatin Air Pilots File for Federal Conciliation

After a year of negotiations, the negotiating committee for the pilots at Keewatin Air has requested the services of the FMCS to assist with getting a deal that can be brought back to the membership for ratification.

While the parties have agreed to  a lot of items there are still many outstanding, including wages, classifications, training bonds, scheduling, |seniority, layoff/recall, reimbursement for physical exams & cockpit recorder usage to name a few.

DBR Relf is hoping to hear from the conciliator in the next while to set dates to get this dispute settled amicably between the parties.

LL 2247 Duraco Ratifies New Agreement

The members of LL 2247 at Duraco Stormtite ratified a new three year agreement. This came after they had turned down the companies previous final offer on March 10,2015 and took a 100% in favor of strike action. The Negotiating committee met with the  owner and HR director and managed to come up with an offer that was acceptable to the committee.

The committee held another ratification meeting with the membership on March 25, 2015 at the District office and the committee recommended acceptance of this new offer,  it was ratified by the members 100% in favor of the new offer.

Highlights of the deal were:

Fifty cents per hour wage increase in each year of a 3 year deal ( avg 3.9% per year)

Sick leave improvements ( 2 extra days)

Wages and benefits retroactive to Jan 1 2015


DL 181 At Full Speed in Negotiations

DBR Relf is currently in the process of negotiating contract amendments with LL 1953/MCI, LL 2247/Keewatin Air pilots & LL 2247/Duraco Stormtite. Bargaining will commence March 10, 2015 with MCI. Bargaining is in full stride with both LL 2247 groups Keewatin Air and Duraco Stormtite. Keewatin Air contract is a first contract and it has been a lengthy set of negotiations whereas Duraco Stormtite is an amendment to the existing contract that has already established hours wages and benefits.

He says he hopes to have both LL 2247 CBAs completed in the next little while but believes LL 1953/MCI will take quite awhile longer.