Manitoba’s Health Care Let’s talk about it

We have new members who are newcomers from different places, giving them information on our Health Care System will be beneficial, and also a way to let them know that their Union cares for them.
Manitoba’s health care system is a broad network of services and programs. It is publicly-funded, which means that you don’t have to pay for necessary medical and hospital services.
Your health coverage allows you and your dependents to see a doctor, get a prescription, visit a hospital emergency room or use most other health services. However, services such as private nursing, routine eye exams for persons 19 and older but under 65 years old, and dental care (except certain dental procedures that require hospitalization) are not insured. Family doctors are the best option for continued primary health care for you and your family. Health is Wealth, prioritizing it is the best you can do for your family and community.