LL 1953

Red River Lodge was chartered in the year of its local number, 1953, and proudly represents the workers of Motor Coach Industries.

Meetings are held at Union Centre (275 Broadway Avenue) at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of every month.


Local Lodge 1953 Executive


Kevin Baillie, President: (204)979-1667

Robert Wilson, Vice-President: (204)805-4564

Rennie Saj, Chief Steward: (204)981-5558

Zbigniew Kamienik, Chief Steward: (204)981-5712

Bonnie Bjornsson, Safety & Health Co-Chair:(204)979-1253 

Patrick Dram, Recording Secretary: (204)979-1217 

Roberto Quirante, Secretary Treasurer: (204)979-1659  

Earle Alexander, Trustee: (204)979-1251 

Dennis Magus Sr, Sentinel: (204)918-9823