Why Union?

Why should I join a union?
Job Security is the primary reason. In a workplace without a union your seniority means nothing. You can be replaced at any time for any reason by anyone. With a union in your workplace you know that the longer you work the more job security you have. Your years of service to the employer mean something. Also, if you are not unionized your employer may terminate you at their leisure and you have no recourse except through the court system at your expense.

What other benefits does a union give to me?
Your rights and benefits as a worker are spelled out in black and white. By negotiating your wages and benefits level you have an opportunity to share in the profits that you helped to create by your labour. You would have a grievance procedure to deal with complaints. Union representatives can assist you not only with problems on the job but also offers assistance with other problems such as Workers’ Compensation appeals, Unemployment Insurance information, Pension information etc.

By standing together, you and your co-workers will be able to balance the power that rests entirely with management. Our Union would put in place a proper structure that is needed in a large workplace.

How is your contract negotiated?
The first step in the negotiations involves electing your committee. You elect members from your workplace. Together with a full time representative they put together your proposals. All members are surveyed and input is open to all members. Meetings are held to where proposals are developed. Next, a meeting is called for the union membership to vote on the proposals. Once negotiations begin, further meetings will be held where you can vote on offers from the company. You, the member, have the final say on whether or not the proposed contract is acceptable.

For further Information
Contact  Glenn Tomchak, District 181 Directing Business Representative