IAM Site visit roadshow tours Gateway City!

North Bay, ON – Fresh from a lengthy tour of the Maritimes, IAM Canadian GVP Stan Pickthall came back to Ontario for site visits at three IAM workplaces in the Gateway City of North Bay.

Almost every member of IAM Local Lodge 2412 got to meet and talk with Pickthall. “We did a day tour of Seymour Windows and talked with everyone on the day shift,” explained IAM Grand Lodge Representative Ralph Martin.

The site visits to the other IAM workplaces required 24 hour attention because of multiple shifts.

Atlas Copco, a manufacturer of air and gas compressors, diamond bits and drill rods used in the mining industry has two shifts, one day and one evening which required two visits so Pickthall could meet and talk to everyone. “The goal of these visits is to shake hands, meet our members and discuss their concerns,” said Pickthall. “It also gives me an opportunity to see for myself what a wide variety of products our members make.”

Boart Longyear is also involved in mining and exploration, manufacturing multiple lines of drilling equipment for core drilling surface coring, rotary drilling, directional drilling, sonic drilling and water supply drilling. “We visited with members on all three shifts,” said Martin. “We met with members over coffee at 1 in the morning and I think I surprised a few people on the overnight shift,” said Pickthall. “I might just be the last person they would expect to see at that hour of the morning but I wanted to impress upon them that they matter to their union.”

The tour also visited Fabrene Inc, which manufactures wide width coated and uncoated polyolefin products, such as housewraps, pool liners, interim landfill caps, lumber wraps, geo membranes and industrial packaging. “As you drive throughout Canada you see more and more of those membrane shelter covers for car ports, barn roofs and temporary garages and they’re manufactured by our members here in North Bay,” said Pickthall.


Young Leader of the year award goes to …

Toronto, ON – UFCW Canada National Representative and IAM Local Lodge 1922 member, Zenne May Maceda has received the Young Leader of the Year award at the  augural Gold Balangay Awards, held in Toronto. Organized by a number of Filipino community groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations, the awards show was established to celebrate Filipino Canadians who have made a positive impact in their community or field of work. It recognized Sister


Jagmeet Singh wins NDP leadership

CLC congratulates Jagmeet Singh on a decisive leadership win

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Canadian Labour Congress is congratulating Jagmeet Singh on a decisive win in today’s New Democatic Party leadership vote.

“On the first ballot, Jagmeet has won the support of over half of the NDP’s membership, both from the party’s base, and those who’ve signed up because they’re excited to see a bold new vision,” said CLC President Hassan Yussuff.

“We’re looking forward to working with Jagmeet to advance the goals of working people across Canada,” he added.

Singh won 53.8 percent of the more than 60,000 votes cast in the leadership contest today.